2019/2020 End Year Celebrations

End Year Celebrations

Mass Service

The 2019/2020 annual Christamarianne Mission Hospital End year celebrations took place at the Tent in pomp and colour. The golden-white themed party was graced by the clergy, medical staff, the Franciscan sisters, patients and other distinguished guests.

Mass celebrations are organised at the facility to appreciate God’s gift of life and the gift of service to humanity at the end of each year.

Mass was led by the Fr. Ototo, who guided us through with a reading from the Holy gospel.

Sr. Beatrice, the Hospital Administrator appreciated the clergy for their service and ushered the second phase of the celebrations; appreciations, awards and recognitions.

Appreciations, Awards and Recognitions

Thereafter, the heads of department were recognised for their contribution to the facilities admirable services. Each HOD received an honorary certificate for their involvement in the management of the hospital.

The Staff of the Year Award went to Mr. Fredrick Gutto. Mr. Gutto is a Registered Community nurse who works at Christamarianne Mission Hospital . He was recognised for his discipline, persistent hard work and customer care attributes. Mr. Gutto received a bronze trophy to showcase his accomplishments.

The Longest Serving Staff Award went to Mr. Oscar Moracha. Mr. Moracha has served in facility for 15 years, from the year 2005 as cook to date. His wife was present with him to receive the prize, a brown fluffy goat.

The last recognition of accomplishments went to our three celebrants who are part of the Christamarianne family for their silver jubilee celebrations. The celebrants are our catechist Mr. Evans Nyandusi, Sr. Leonida and Sr. Modesta. Congratulations are in order for their accomplishments of 25 years of active service in the faith.

Silver Jubilee celebrants Sr. Leonida, the Catechist Mr. Nyandusi and Sr. Modesta cut their cake

Dancing Competition

When all was said and done, the floor was opened to congregation to show case their best dance moves. The young and the old alike took to the floor to showcase their best moves. Obviously the young carried the day with their sleek dance moves.

Cutting cake and Buffet

It wouldn’t be called a celebration without cake, would it? Not one, but four vanilla flavoured golden-white cakes were prepared for the event. 

The cakes were cut according to end year celebration, celebrants, staff and the rest.

To sum it all, the day ended with a sumptuous buffet. A wide variety of food and refreshments were available and Staff ate to their enjoyment.