Christamariane to offer Haemodialysis Services

Christamarianne Renal Unit Dialysis Equipment

Christamarianne Mission Hospital has acquired state of the art Dialysis equipment. The equipment will go a long way into the treatment of renal conditions. It will also assist the facility cater for patients in need of this services at the hospital instead of constant referrals. Moreover, those with NHIF corresponding packages will be able to benefit from the same.

The acquisition is part of the roadmap to making the facility the best choice in heath treatment in Kisii County and beyond. The three bed renal unit has advanced equipment, spacious rooms and will be managed round the clock attendance by specialised nurses.

In-centre haemodialysis requires the patient to visit a dialysis centre a number of times per week. It uses a machine to filter your blood and clear toxins from your kidneys. In-centre haemodialysis offers several potential benefits, which include the chance to socialize with other patients and staff, a personalized care team and no supplies to store at home.